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Aliyah writes and speaks on the power of creative development. She claims that there are more creative geniuses on Earth than at any other time in recorded history. The sheer numbers of creatively-awakened, free-thinking individuals on the planet has precipitated a unique event: for the first time, the human species as a whole has a chance to obtain intellectual and creative freedom. We stand at the threshold of the most powerful leap in human evolution — this leap will not be physical or technological; it will be a quantum leap in human consciousness. This leap will heal all wounds between the masculine and feminine; it will form an essential bridge between those who understand the importance of respect for the Earth and those with creative vision and skills.

As an author, Aliyah’s mission is 3-tiered: the 1st tier is focused on individual creative empowerment, the 2nd tier shows how to form communities (what we have called “organizations” or “corporations”) of empowered individuals, the 3rd tier is a vision of a new society based upon what she calls “natural ethics;” the form a community naturally takes when based upon respect and individual recognition and contribution.

At the base of her vision is the empowered, free individual that Aliyah has coined, “the Conscious Creative.” Without the respect and freely-given contributions of all the individuals of a community, no true advancement in human society can be achieved. But the pressure of the awakened individuals will not allow us to fall back into ignorance and unconsciousness; the tsunami of human evolution generated by the quake of creative empowerment is on our event horizon, approaching us as time disappears. We will obtain this evolutionary step regardless of the weight of out-moded traditional structures and the drag of limiting ideas. The consciousness evolution is cross-cultural, transnational, and inevitable.


Aliyah Marr is an author, business development specialist, creative coach, multimedia artist, inspirational speaker, and educator.

She has published four books on Kindle and two books in print. Currently, she is working on her next book on creativity and is available for seminars, speaking engagements, and private coaching. Her books, images, and interactive games may be found at:

A creative director and graphic designer ( with a stellar client list of Fortune 500 companies, the author is a creative consultant for companies and a coach for social entrepreneurs. As an educator, she has taught graphic design, art, interactive programming, and new media at Parsons, Pratt and The School of Visual Art in New York City. She teaches design through online tutorials for Media Bistro.

As a multimedia artist she has explored painting, illustration, design, artistic gymnastics, sculpture, music, dance, poetry, prose, and improvisational humor. As a visual artist, she works in a variety of mediums from painting and sculpture through to interactive art and video. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally.

More information and recomendations from her clients may be found on Aliyah’s professional profile on Linked In.






Aliyah Marr
author / speaker / imaginator
creative consultant and coach

Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity
Pocket Parallel Mind
Celestial Navigation
The Way of Love


Aliyah Marr on LinkedIn
Facebook: Aliyah.Marr
Twitter: @ParallelMind


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