Core Concepts

– Empowerment Through Developing or Allowing Creativity

– We are Magicians: We All Make Our Lives What They Are

– Everything is Meant to be Easy and Fun

– Choosing Love Consistently Over Fear

– Life purpose is Creative Expression / Self-directed Development, Independence, and Autonomy

– Left / Right Brains – How To Develop A Balanced Self Through Developing Both Brains

– Learning To Listen To Intuition: Finding Your Natural Compass

– Four Sides of Development: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Creative

– Gentleness / Tolerance / Humor (with others and self)

– Finding and Nourishing The Inner Child

– Importance of Lightness and Play

– “Dropping The Rock” — of emotions and personal history

– Acceptance / Appreciation

Copyright Aliyah Marr, May 13, 2007.



1 thought on “Core Concepts”

  1. alchemistsintl said:

    I’ve forwarded your request to Joe (via Ted). I’m interested in reading your work as well. I’m an Organizational Alchemist™ – and Transformation Coach. I employ concepts, tools and technologies similar to yours in my practice around the world.
    Best Regards,

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