Chapter 2: Double Vision

“The Toltecs believe that every human is an artist, and the art we create is our lives.” — Don Miguel Ruiz

… Dualism operates at a subconscious level in the human psyche. A number of years ago I observed that most people seem to have a kind of schizophrenia. There exist two distinct identities in everyone: an adult self and an inner child. These two personas develop as a kind of coping mechanism during the process of attaining maturity.

The child is the more natural, original self; it started at the birth of the individual. For a time during childhood it is the only person. Its response to the world is pure and direct in its approach. The child persona, alternately called the inner child, is where the pure creative spark of inspiration resides. This self never grows up or dies; it exists in a kind of timeless state…

…It is in the child self that all true creativity originates, not in the adult. The adult self merely provides a safe place and a structure for creative expression. It is from the inner child or inner spirit that creativity naturally flows.

— excerpt from the book Parallel Mind by Aliyah Marr
all rights reserved

Copyright 2007 Aliyah Marr


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