Chapter 3: Body & Soul

Art is the cure for many a disease which has not been discovered yet
— anonymous

… Energy is used on all planes of our existence. It is energy that drives our mental, emotional, and mental processes. Some activities build energy, while others deplete it. All human activity can be placed upon a spectrum of energy efficiency, with the most energy depleting activities at one end, and the most energy enhancing at the other. In the middle are the activities that are neutral or energy-efficient.

The proper use of our energetic resources promotes health and happiness. When the physical, mental, emotional bodies are healthy, energy is well utilized. When the creative self is fully expressed, our energetic reserves actually build. A person with healthy energy appears young because youth is just an expression of excess energy.

Disease indicates that the energetic system is breaking down; premature aging results from the habitual wastage (misuse) of energy, usually though emotional drainage. As adults, we are responsible for how we react to the circumstances of our lives. We may not be able to control outside events but we are all responsible for how we react to them. How we react is a direct result of how we think about those events.

Health is the body’s natural state. The body has wisdom and a natural ability to heal — like a pendulum that may swing but naturally seeks the center — the body can experience disease, but it has an amazing capacity to renew itself.

— excerpt from the book Parallel Mind by Aliyah Marr
all rights reserved

Copyright 2007-2008 Aliyah Marr


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