I just love this spoken song. I am convinced that the idiom “footloose and fancy free” was the inspiration for the whole thing. Many artists work this way, starting with an idea and working backwards. Here is a great animated short, “Aging Young Rebel” by Jonathan McCallum.

The Aging Young Rebel Gentle Cruelty” by Dj Food

An Aging Young Rebel
Called What’s His Name
Wanted to be different
while he stayed the same

Then he couldn’t
he just couldn’t
No matter what he would try
Told be his mother

An aging old thing
You better go see clever
You give clever a ring
Which he did
Called him up

Just so Mommy wouldn’t cry
Clever hear his story
About different and the same
You crazy
This some silly game

Oh no
Like Mommy said
I gotta straighten up my head
Clever is so clever
Is cleverness enough

Can you help this ageing rebel
Do you really have the stuff
Bet you don’t have
Bet the bread that you’ll pass the buck instead

Clever sends our hero
To a funny darkened room
Where a crowd of cunning listens
Giggles in the gloom

That’s your problem aging rebel
Don’t you really know the score
You crazy think you’re going to change this crazy world
Better see your self a shrink

Cunningly the argue about our boy
Who’s breaking down the door
Now he’s running down the dark
Diabolical awaits

Grabs him by the ankle
Ani’t it just like fate
Diabolical laughs
In an alley full of suit

Forget the same
you’ll be different now
Somewhat shorter on one side
Let go
Oh no

Would you diabolical inside
Panic in his brain pulls and gets away
Loses him a foot it’s a dark and evil day
See him running limping blood

Something soft is just ahead
Something soft is gentle
He’s fallen at her side
She comforts him with kisses
He dreams of suicide

Gentle is so gentle
Grabs the trouble by its root
Bandages his stump
Cuts off his other foot

So you see it seems to me a gentle kind of cruelty
Ageing rebels older a little wiser maybe too
Gentleness has fixed him
Does he look like me and you

Footless and fancy free
Think how happy Mom will be
Footless and fancy free
Think how happy Mom will be