I started writing this book yesterday. I bet I can finish the entire book by midnight next Thursday. For me to win, the book will have to be finished and ready to be emailed by Thursday midnight. I won’t have time to have it copy-edited, but all the text will be finished. The cover is already designed.

If I lose, I owe everyone who participated in my bet a free copy of my last ebook, The Way of Love. If I win, then anyone who participates in the bet will have the opportunity to buy the advance copy of my new book for $4.99 (a 50% discount). The book will be available on Amazon’s Kindle, B&N’s Nook, and as a beautiful PDF.

This bet is one I placed with myself: I put together an outline and started writing it on Friday, so the book is due on Thursday, July 21st. I decided to make my bet public and see if the bet will make my deadline more real to me.


This will be an ebook; it is modeled on the style and brevity of Seth Godin’s book, “the dip.” It is about how to brand, market and work on social media. It’s a how-to, but it is not a technical book. I call it the “anti-social guide to social media;” it is quirky, and easy to read. I won’t disclose the title to you but the subtitle is:

“a really short, easy-to-read book that shows how to use social media to advance your cause, yourself or your business”

Here is the intro/backcover:

“If you feel victimized by nonsensical Ebay ads in your search sidebar; if you are pursued by a growing mob of Facebook friends whom you could have never met; if you are daily deluged with double opt-in messages when you can’t remember even a single opt; if you find yourself confused by application upgrades that downgrade your experience; if you are unable to see the social media forest for all the meaningless trees of content; if you are afraid that your last precious half-hour of free time may be on the chopping block of Twitter; if you bemoan the disappearance of time, depth, and real meaning; if you find it sad that your iPhone has replaced your dog as your constant companion; and if you suspect your wife has left you for her blog…

…then this book may be for you.”


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That ought to build a real fire under me!