Following is an email I am posting here on Parallel Mind for the benefit of my readers. Do I mind that they are using the same term — conscious creativity — that I coined in my book, Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity. No, not really; after all, who knows who was the first to use the phrase. Check it out: this seems to be a worthwhile endeavor.

C3 Center for Conscious Creativity MastheadOn behalf of the newly formed Arts/Media Node of The Millennium Project, we
have the honor and pleasure to invite those who are experienced and interested in the future of arts, media and entertainment to participate in a Real-Time Delphi at
Please register, and then when it asks for the code put: arts

The results will be published in the 2011 State of the Future report. The results will also be emailed to you.

The Arts/Media Node plans to use the results as inspiration to create and implement existing and future art forms to address global challenges. Just as the Florentine Camerata (an arts “think tank”) invented and produced the first European Opera in the late 1500s, the Arts/Media Node seeks to help invent and inspire the future of the arts, media, and entertainment – but this time on a global basis.

So, please go to and let’s help invent the future together.

All the best,

Kate McCallum, Chair Arts/Media Node
Joonmo Kwan, Co-Chair Arts/Media Node
Jerome Glenn, Executive Director, The Millennium Project

http://www.millennium-project. org/millennium/future_arts_ delphi.html