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Visionary, futurist and proponent of conscious evolution Barbara Marx Hubbard talks about self, social and planetary evolution on this interview. She asks, “How did Nature climb up the ladder of greater complexity when the tendency is for entropy and disorder?”

Here’s a quote from the interview: “Natural evolution is non-linear, exponential–interactive connectivity of that which is novel, mutation, innovative. If Nature has been jumping to higher order for billions of years by this non-linear, very rapid connectivity of novel innovation/mutations; what if we do that purposely. What if we learn from the billions of years of Nature to evolve a system right now that can map, track and connect what’s working.

Claudia Wells calls this ‘evo-mimicry.’ Mimicing Nature’s evolutionary process of creating a higher evolutionary order. Take part in the operating manual for planet Earth. Find a way to rapidly connect the creative gift  that is in every one of us now from the simplest child all the way up to the most amazing innovations.

Our job in the next few years is to map, track and connect in a non-linear, exponential way on internet and in person that which is creative in us.”

To hear the whole recording, CLICK HERE.