These same Tweet quotes from the original Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity are now in print in a new inspirational creative-quote-a-day called, Pocket Parallel Mind.

I call this new book the A.D.D version of my first book. 😉

Now taking advance orders for the print edition.  Pocket Parallel Mind won’t be available in stores or on Amazon until 2011, but I am offering it direct to my readers before publication.

To order this book directly from the author, go HERE.

I have been pulling quotes from my book and posting them on Twitter. Feel free to follow me on Twitter:

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“The power of creative thought can impel you to excel in any medium, in any field, any subject.” — Aliyah Marr

“Whatever you dream is available to you; first you must know how to use your creative potential.” — Aliyah Marr

“An artist is not defined by his work, but by the power of his creative thought.” — Aliyah Marr

“Manifestation is the natural, spontaneous conclusion that follows inspiration.” — Aliyah Marr

“Art is about change, exploration, and about the courage to know yourself.” — Aliyah Marr

“If you follow a path of conscious change you are walking in the very footsteps of giants.” — Aliyah Marr

“When will you allow yourself the life you deserve?” A voice is whispering in your ear: today is the day.” — Aliyah Marr