Pocket Parallel Mind, 365 Days of Creative Inspiration in Your Pocket

Thanks to those who took the time to review my book and submit an advance review. Stay tuned to this blog for the free gift that I promised way back in October (this took longer than I thought!).

Here are the advance reviews of Pocket Parallel Mind that made it into the book just before going to press:

“A stunning example of non-invasive brain surgery.”—Mark Blanchard

“Creativity Booster: Pocket Parallel Mind takes you on a walk on the right side.  Use it as  light reading to turn on the light in your creative right-brain.”—Nacho Villoch

“I think the multi-talented creative people who are my clients will love this book…if they can stop coming up with new ideas long enough to read it!”—Lisa Rothenstein, The Da Vinci Dilemma

“Consumed daily, these tidbits of brainfood will improve your creative output, all without that annoying fish-oil burp.” —Michael Plishka, ZenStorming Solutions, LLC

“Warning: this book is dangerous, now my brain is pestering me with creative ideas.” —Thornton Sully, A Word With You Press

“The better of my two minds is thinking up a storm somewhere in a parallel universe.” —Salvatore Buttaci, Flashing My Shorts

“I had no second thought’s on reading this book! Which in a parallel mind would total four. Therefore I read it twice.” —Paul Fitzgerald, Founder UGotStyle.Com

“Mr. Hyde recommended I read this book, now I’m beside myself with bizarre ideas coming from my Parallel Mind.” —Dr. Jekeyl, M.D.

“Can I have my crayons back, now?” —Thomas Sully, Portrait Painter

“Read this and you’ll have the creative, brilliant and witty brain that I originally intended for my creation.” —Dr. Frankenstein

“Day 22…There’s the rub!” —William Shakespeare

“I’d like to comment, but I’m a little pressed at the moment.” —Guttenburg

“Sautée the left brain with onions. Whip the right with cream & sugar until stiff peaks form. Serve warm.” —Julia Childs

“E=MC2 was only the beginning. With this book, you can come up with a new theory of relativity that will blast my little theory out of the (parallel) universe.” — Albert Einstein

Sybill: “I’m of two minds about this book.”
Sybill: “No you aren’t.”

“I recommend reading this book: don’t insert this book in your shoe, it’s uncomfortable.” —Dr. Scholls, M.D.

“Best book I’ve read in a very long time.” —Methuselah