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The Reviews for Pocket Parallel Mind Are Pouring In!

Below are the entries so far for the reviews that go in the book. These are not the final blurbs, so if you want to write one for Einstein or Sybill that you think is funnier, let me have it! Remember, I can take only one per celebrity (dead celebrities only please).


The following blurbs are by Susanne Riehle:

Albert Einstein: I postulate: if two sides of a brain traveling in opposite directions gain velocity, then you have one big mess.

Sybill: I’m of two minds about this book
Sybill: No you aren’t

Julia Childs: I prefer the left side of the brain lightly sautéed with onions. Whip the other with cream & sugar until stiff peaks form. Serve.

Henry Ford: I don’t get it.

Dr. Seuss: Spit your mind. Part 1, part 2. Insert in shoe. In the hole, now a sole. Ur cow does chew it, what a moo when it moos it.

Dr. Scholl: If you insert this book in your shoe, it’s uncomfortable. I don’t like it and don’t recommend it.


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