Pocket Parallel Mind, 365 Days of Creative Inspiration in Your Pocket

You may or may not know that I have been very busy putting together a new book that is based upon excerpts (quotes) from my first book, Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity. I tweeted these excerpts on Twitter for 2 years after publication of the book.

Now I’ve assembled the quotes into a new book that is intended to be a 365 day inspirational book for creative people. (Another book is coming that is for those who want to be more creative.)

I would like to have a page in the front of the book for blurbs by people who love it– you!

The catch???

I want them to be funny, and off the wall — in the same vein as the copy on the back cover.

Here’s another clue to how to write your blurb:

In Yoko Ono’s book Grapefruit, the dedication reads:

“Burn this book after you read it.” — Yoko

“This is the greatest book I’ve ever burned.” — John Lennon

Click on the image to read the cover copy.

Here’s what I would like:

  • One or more funny blurbs in the humorous style that you see on the cover.
  • No more than 140 characters, including spaces and credit.
    • You may write them in your own name, and / or in the name of famous dead creative (scientists, explorers, artists, composers, etc.) people from history. The credit on the blurb will be as you have written it on the blurb (i.e Einstein will be Einstein, not Joe Blow, alias Einstein). If you want a blurb in your own name, submit one.
    • You can write all the blurbs you want, but only one per name will be taken, and I will have to stop the blurbs after a reasonable number since I have reserved up to two pages for them.
    • Your blurb(s) will be in the first front pages of the book, visible (and searchable) on Amazon.
    • Your blurb will also be in the description section of the book listing, available to all book distributors and book sellers.
  • The deadline for blurb submission is December 1st, possibly sooner.
  • Pocket Parallel Mind will be going to print in December and will be available for sale through this site and in major bookstores, as well as on Kindle at that time. Free books will no longer be available after the holidays this year.
  • Please go wild with these!
  • I will give you an ebook now so you can read it, and blurb on it.
  • Email me at: parallelmindbook [at]   gmail   [dot] com
  • You will be signed up to this blog/newsletter automatically so that you can receive the announcement about the final downloadable copy of the book.

Anyone who is subscribed to this blog will get an offer in their email for a free ebook, as I promised earlier. Just subscribe to this blog/newsletter (button at top right) if you haven’t already subscribed.


Here is the text from the dedication page:


This book is for those who are blessed or cursed with the gift of creative intelligence. Those whose right-brains keep them up at night with brilliant concepts; those who question everything; those who don’t respect authority; those who were never understood by their peers, parents or teachers; those who were the class clowns.

You know who you are. You never fit in, were never voted to be famous, and were not popular among your classmates at school. Your parents despaired that you might end up in the gutter, because you wanted to be an artist.

You were one of the motley misfits who sat at the back of the room reading science fiction, the art-geek who drew cartoon characters in math class, the budding scientist who experimented with potentially incendiary ingredients from your mother’s kitchen in the bathroom, the fledging drummer who just couldn’t sit still in grade school. You were the one couldn’t figure out why everyone else wanted to lead a normal life.