Saxon Heller at Mavericks © Shalom Jacobovitz

I think that many of us are experiencing a lot of changes right now.

Change is uncomfortable, but it becomes easier if we relax. My good friend Dan tells me that the secret of surfing is to relax, and so the same is true about change. Relax, enjoy the ride, and be OK with not knowing. Not knowing where you are going, the outcome of your journey, or most especially “why.”

The two most useless words to ask at the juncture of change are the words “why” and “how.” Why me? Why does it have to happen this way? How am I going to cope? How will our family survive? How will I find a new job?

The best question to ask is “what do I desire?” Then pay attention to that little internal voice of intuition that tells you when and where you can place yourself to be closer to where that desire can easily manifest.

An artist specializes not so much in generating art as he specializes in generating desire. The secret is not trying to create what you desire; instead, you merely need to focus on the desire itself. What you desire is then pulled magnetically towards you by the energy (e-motion) of your desire.

Relaxing and accepting change is key to finding a sense of ease and enjoyment no matter where you are in life. Opposing change is like fighting the ocean — it’s pointless and it’s exhausting. Accepting change means that you can surf  the greatest wave of change effortlessly, using the power of the wave to carry you along, and enjoy the sometimes scary, sometimes exhilarating ride.

Copyright 2010 Aliyah Marr