Recently, I had the honor to meet J.E. Bannerman, who expresses poignant love and sorrow for her native home, the Gulf of Mexico, in her blog,,

“Nobody tells you this, but it is true: There is absolutely no place where the earth ends and the sea begins. There are no two things. To you it may seem that here there is this solid earth and there is that insubstantial liquidity called water. But the boundary is an illusion, and even the seashore of illusion is always changing. What happens here, will touch everything that is there. And what is there, far away, will someday be here, close up. Look up into the sky and breathe in the breath of all the waters of all the oceans on this little planet. By your breathing, you enter into the rhythm of tides and mists, into the world of delicate sea birds plunging into water, into the minds of prehistoric turtles lumbering back from a night beach, letting go of their feets’ need to touch bottom. . . . ”

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