My client, Thornton Sully (editor-in-chief of A Word With You Press) started his book tour with a party in San Diego on April 17th. I was honored to attend. I recommend that you listen to the reading of the first chapter of his book, The Boy with a Torn Hat. Tell me what you think… is this the next great American novel and is he the next great American novelist? Maybe you are. Well, you have a chance to prove it; check out his online contest, The Coffee Shop Chronicles.

Thornton’s work is amazing, but to hear it read aloud by the author himself … ahh! A good time was had by all, and Thornton sold a lot of books. See if you can host a book reading by this author. To see more go to:


Here is his announcement and a link to the reading.

Soon the author will be introducing The Boy at private parties between San Diego and Canada along the coast. We already have people excited to host parties at which they’ll invite their friends, and others who want to attend parties hosted by others.

Click here to watch video from our first reading!