The creative attitude is one of limitless opportunity. Think of an open space, a clear horizon representing endless possibilities. A creative person is standing at the center of the universe, with infinite paths going in all directions; the unknown is exciting, and the path chosen is simply one of personal predilection.
— excerpt from Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity, by Aliyah Marr

© Aliyah Marr

Creativity in any form is married to the ability to make decisions and carry them out. As a creative person involved in a creative medium you make literally thousands of tiny decisions in every piece you create. The practice of art in any form is a great way to develop and refine your ability to make incisive decisions, which naturally leads to a more creative, and empowered life.

Think about the times when you felt creatively blocked — did it seem that you couldn’t make a decision or that there wern’t any good choices to make? Did it feel that you were trapped in indecision?

Now think about the times when you felt creatively empowered; did it feel as if you had incredible lightness and freedom?

When you make a decision to change your life, suddenly things that were formerly cloudy become crystal clear. You suddenly become prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve your purpose — your actions become aligned with the intent of your life’s purpose: you become what I call “ruthless;” you can make instant, unerringly right decisions based upon pure instinct and intuition. A movie editor is ruthless when he cuts out extraneous parts of the movie. Artists are ruthless when they can see a better solution in their mind’s eye, and instantly act to execute their inner vision.

Original mural image © Aliyah Marr

Recently, I made a ruthless decision: I edited a mural I had made some years previously, cutting out a full 1/3 of the picture. I knew that the painting would be better because I could “see” it first in my mind’s eye. I have probably made millions of similar sweeping decisions in my artistic life. When the decision is right, I feel it immediately; I see that the image is more powerful without the unnecessary clutter and parts that are extraneous to the integrity of the piece.

The practice of art gives me the ability to make good decisions in my life, guided by the intuition that comes directly from my heart. You can apply the rules of ruthless editing to everything that you want to create in your life:

1. decide to become ruthless and distill everything down to just the essentials.
2. focus on the freedom you will feel without unnecessary things weighing you down.
3. make sure your life and art have integrity and are aligned with your heart and your inner vision.
4. invest your energy just on doing what makes you happy, rather than in any future happiness or goal.

When your heart is unencumbered by the past, by unnecessary things, and by negative, disempowering emotions, you will find that it is the most amazing wise guide to your new life — let your heart speak and it will always tell you true. You no longer need any goal and you will no longer have to delay your happiness. Instead you will be living the life of your dreams, flying through a landscape of incredible beauty with the bird of creative freedom as your companion and guide.

Copyright 2010 Aliyah Marr