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Photo by watch4u (CC)

If you are an experienced creative, chances are that you have experienced a creative high and a corresponding creative low. The creative high can be so amazing that we often forget that a low almost always follows.

Just as the ocean has high and low tides, it’s only natural that the depths of the low creative period should balance the height of the preceding creative high period. The difficult thing to remember is that the high will come back, but for the time being it can seem that your muse has truly flown the coop.

What to do?

There are several courses of action:

  1. Take advantage of the time to do all those pesky errands that can’t get done when you are burning with creative fervor.
  2. Use the ebb to consolidate and build on ideas you have had in the past. Don’t just generate ideas, complete them!
  3. Get active, do something —anything. The crazier, the better!
  4. Learn something new.
  5. Listen to the world, instead of looking at it (if you are a visual artist).
  6. Look at the world, instead of listening to it (if you are a musician).
  7. Accept that you are in a creative ebb tide and find other things to do. Your creative nature will emerge in other exciting ways.

Above all, don’t worry. Accept that you are naturally creative being in a naturally creative universe. Just flow with it. Your fickle muse will almost always come back when she hears you laughing and having fun.

Copyright 2010 Aliyah Marr