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“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life’s about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw

Creativity cannot be stopped. I haven’t been painting for a while, so I find myself writing, but this isn’t enough; lately, I have been getting visualizations that appear to my inner sight. I see things in my mind overlaid on material reality. One that has been in my mind for about three weeks now goes as follows (see if you can see it with your mind’s eye):

A silhouette of a man with light pouring from every part of his body, like rays of the sun. It is such a powerful, and beautiful image. The image embodies my vision for the creatively empowered individual.

This is true enlightenment. I mean no pun. Empowerment doesn’t mean power over anyone else, it means the acknowledgment of your personal power and of the responsibility and connection that that realization brings. When you finally dare to admit and claim your own innate creativity, you feel a jolt of energy, a virtual river of vibration that pours from every part of your human form.

A creatively-empowered individual is a form of consciousness that is like no other. At first, the feeling of freedom and power is all that we know. Then, all of a sudden, the exterior world comes alive as the blinders of material heaviness is removed from the inner sight. Everything is vivid with color and feeling.

Suddenly, you realize that there is nothing that is not creative consciousness — that there is ultimate freedom and creativity at every level of being, even in the heaviness of rocks and in the emotion of fear. Inside the heart of every cell, fueling every particle, behind every breath of air — consciousness breathes us, and fills us. Our very breath fills it when we exhale, and it breathes us as we inhale. There is no separation, no exclusion — we are part of all we see. We have to do nothing, we have to just be. It is our choice in every moment to be aware of our power, of our freedom to choose, to know how our individual light shines like a beacon to illuminate the darkest corner of the world.

Even in the face of overwhelming fear, that light is still there; just as an ember holds the birth of the blaze of fire, so somewhere deep in your heart you hold the seed of your creative power. Nourish and feed it with things that bring you joy. Others may attempt to belittle our dreams, hold us back or tell us we are not worthwhile, but as long as you hold to the image of your own light, you have the potential to overcome any odds, even your own fear. Take heart and keep the faith that you have the illumination of pure creativity even as a tiny ember, right there within you; creative power is your birthright and your destiny.

Copyright 2010 Aliyah Marr