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Those of you who follow this blog may remember a post about a writing competition hosted by a client of mine, a literary publisher. Well, the competition is wildly successful, and I’d like to encourage those scribblers out there to participate. You could get your work published, and you could win $100 too!

Thornton tells me that he is impressed by the quality of what he has seen so far. Here is a letter from him to me.


Good morning!

The response to our competition for The Coffee Shop Chronicles makes my cup runneth over.

If you have been following our blog at www.awordwithyoupress.com , you’ll see that I have posted a few of the entries over the last week. WordPress, which hosts the site, allows me to see how many people are reading the blog.  I am discovering that only about one in ten people who read the entry of other writers actually leave a comment.

How about going back for a refill?

Those whose entries I have posted are emailing me back espresso-ing how delighted they are to get the feedback from strangers who read their work.

I will be posting randomly selected entries as the contest moves towards its deadline, and I would ask that you consider that little blank box after each blog post the tip jar.

And, there is still time for those who have not submitted their own entry.  Every one who is selected for the hard-copy anthology to be published when the contest ends will receive a gift card  for $25 to their drug dealer of choice, so please list your favorite coffee shop and location with your entry.  You could also win a hundred bucks!

And a last note:  when you are on the site, take a wander through the hallways, but mind the wet paint.  We are still under construction.

thorn sully

A Word with you Press would like to have, well, a word from you!

Do you have a story to tell?

Announcing our first writing competition!

You could get caffeinated and $100 bucks richer!

We’re putting together an anthology of one hundred best stories,

that all start or end with a cup of coffee. It can be humorous and jittery, or about a life changing event that is somehow linked to that magic brew.  Did you propose over a cup of coffee?  Meet the love of your life or discover nuclear fission?  Prime your boss for an over-due promotion and then seal the deal with a latte’? Decide having one more kid was do-able? Plot the overthrow of the Chilean government? Finish the last chapter to that obstinate novel?

Tell us about it in a paragraph or a page!

Whatever your story, we’d like to hear from you.  All published entries will receive a $25 gift certificate courtesy of A Word with You Press and your favorite drug-dealer, and a chance for $100 cash prize.  Contest closes May the first.

for complete details and to view a sample submission go to:

The Coffee Shop Chronicles

Let’s see what you’ve got brewing!