Why do people love underdog stories?

As an artist I spent a lot of time studying metaphor and myth in various cultures. Every culture has an underdog story; it is the story of the hero who triumphs in spite of overwhelming odds. From the biblical David who vanquished the monster Goliath with a simple stone from his sling shot, to the city who vanquished their history of loss with a national win, we love it when the underdog overturns their limitations and our reality.

We love underdog stories because they allow us to see that anyone can create a new reality, and change; these people are the same as the heroes of the myths of old.

Underneath the work of every true creative is the heart and the soul of a hero who goes where others fear to tread.

We love underdog stories because we identify with the heros in these stories. We want to see the underdog change our reality as they overturn seemingly insurmountable limitations with unbelievable feats. We carry the image of the creative hero in our hearts, because we all have it in us to be that hero.

The underdog-hero shows us that we too can create a new impossible future, and inspire others.

Go Underdogs! Go Saints!

Copyright 2010 Aliyah Marr