The Stand for Less movement is a great example of creative solutions. It seems that we are at our creative best in a crisis. (Maybe that is why we generate so many problems and crises– so we can create something entirely new!) Kudos to the Stand for Less people.


Dear friends,

We STAND FOR LESS to have more. We want a more sustainable future for ourselves and our children.

The STAND FOR LESS movement in San Diego is alive, strong and growing.

The movement is alive via Sacramento where the most comprehensive overhaul of California’s water system was passed in to law last year. The new law deals with the hard realities of water needs for humans while recognizing the value of non-human ecosystems. It is one step in the process toward dealing with our state’s water problems.

The movement is alive in outstanding organizations like Surfrider of San Diego, a local non-profit dedicated to “the protection and enjoyment of our world’s oceans, waves and beaches.” Read more about Surfrider on our Web site.

STAND FOR LESS is alive on the STAND FOR LESS Facebook page where we follow local, regional and national stories related to conservation.

The movement is alive in the San Diego-based LEED for Homes program. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental design. LEED is the recognized standard for commercial buildings but is a new green standard for homes. A LEED certified home costs an average of 2 to 5 percent more to construct than a non-certified home. Those costs are recovered through lower utility bills. As more and more people recognize the need to STAND FOR LESS, the LEED certification is expected to improve resale values of homes.

By learning more about the issues impacting our environment we can make better decisions as individuals, organizations and through our elected officials. Only by being informed can we stand together for a sustainable future.

Email a friend and tell them about STAND FOR LESS. Thanks!



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