My waking dream:

The People are in a dance, in a drama; one where everyone is wearing a mask. The drama has gone on too long, and now many of the players sleep with their masks on. Nearly everyone forgets that it is just a play, that they agreed before they started so long ago that they were going to take on their roles and put on their masks.

The People dance around, and around, drunk as bees on nectar in the summertime. They have drunk their roles, the parts they agreed to play.

They fight each other over things their characters say, the things their characters do; but most of all, they fight over the things their characters believe.

How did it come to pass, that the People believe what their characters are supposed to believe? How did they come to sleep in the skin of the roles they agreed to assume? How did they forget they were wearing masks?

Each player is now dreaming their part one hundred percent of the time, night and day they reenact the drama, forgetting that their roles are only something that they chose to play.

They forgot they are playing, only playing.

Suddenly the music stops, and the People — your boss, your parents, your siblings, your friends, your enemies, your teachers, everyone you ever knew in whatever relationship you knew them — stop dancing, they take off their masks, shrug off their roles, smile and bow to you.

The world is new, the dance begins again. Do you see? Underneath every role and mask is a role that you agreed to play.

The wondrous gift of creativity is the ability to see beyond our own creations, our own illusions to the wonder of this marvelous world and to this unforgettable moment in time, to our own power as humans. We were made to play; play is what redeems us from our own habit of unconsciousness. Play is the root of conscious creativity.

Don’t take life so seriously, little one. Don’t forget to play. Your only job on this beautiful Earth is to be happy.

Copyright 2010 Aliyah Marr