Review of Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity by Thornton H. Sully, Editor-in-Chief, A Word with You Press

Parallel Mind is not about self-help–it’s about self determination. It is immediately appealing as a motivational guide because it does what few self-help books even attempt: it treats the reader as if they had a brain.

A right and left brain, to be more precise.

According to author and artist Aliyah Marr, the two halves don’t always make a whole. They seem to have conflicting agendas.

“The right brain–intuitive, holistic, and none verbal–is analogous to our definition of the inner child. The left brain–rational,linear and verbal…is the adult persona.” As long as the right and left brain bicker for dominance, we’re a cat chasing our own tail. Albert Einstein would seem to agree: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind the faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Through specific exercises and provocative insight, this accomplished artist/author empowers us to open up the dialogue between adult and child, left and right. With the kind of mathematical surprise that would have delighted Einstein, she helps us discover that when the two halves work in tandem, one half plus one half equals infinity, and our capacity for creative thinking becomes limitless, and, more to the point of this unique guide, joyful!

Aliyah Marr has her own “E=Mc2” equation, and it is this: “Vision + Passion= Manifestation.” For those with a vague awareness that something is missing in their lives, she makes a compelling case in this nutritious read that personal change is possible, and the rewards immeasurable, that joy and abundance is a nano-second away.

This ain’t for couch potatoes, but Ms Marr isn’t asking you to get to work–she’s inviting you to come out and play. “Creativity is play with purpose.” Who wouldn’t want to join her?

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