"The Meadow in Summer", from The Near & Far Series © 2004 Aliyah Marr

In the movie “The Grass Harp,” Walter Matthau states that “love is a chain.” One of the characters in the film, a young teenager, is encountering difficulty in his love life. Matthau tells him, “Your problem is that you are taking too much on. To understand love, you must start small. Love a leaf, a flower, the sun on your face. Later, when you have enough experience, you can love a woman.”

Walter’s romantic interest tells him that she has been in love since she was a child. All she has to do is take a walk outside. She tells him that the tall grass in the meadow plays a melody with the concert of the wind. If you quiet your thoughts you can hear the voices of the grass singing.

If you look at how the wind moves through the grass, you can see that the blades of grass are like a chain, a loose chain connected by the wind that passes through them touching each blade with the next, and creating a lovely susurration.

The grass and the wind sweetly invite us to listen to their song of love. All creation is there in that sound, all history, the whole of human existence reduced to an idea that floats upon the breeze, and, as you open your heart, the love of the eternal grass enfolds and comforts you.

Love is the chain that connects all, it is everywhere, we are like little fish swimming in a sea of love. We can choose to swim with it or against it, deny it or think ourselves outside it, but nothing we can do will alter or destroy the chain of love, for it is the same as the chain of life.

Copyright 2010 Aliyah Marr