How long does it take for an idea to circumnavigate the globe these days?

Let’s spread the idea of the unalienable right of creative freedom to our neighbors and friends. We can think for ourselves, and create a new world with prosperity for all, but first we have to know that we can function independently.

It won’t happen overnight, because true change will involve a lot of introspection into our lives. Creative freedom means that one must examine every part of what is for what actually is necessary and good. We must refine and better our creative lives by stripping out the dysfunctional elements that weigh us down, and don’t contribute to a better society.

Once everyone has the kind of self-esteem that comes with creative and mental freedom, crime and war will disappear.

There are some incredible creative individuals today: I would venture to guess that the sheer numbers of creative genius’ today far exceeds any time in history. Imagine what would happen if we combined forces and spoke out for creative freedom, freedom from the yoke of collective fear, from the yoke of dysfunctional governments and organizations.

Worldwide, the creative capital of this globe could be applied to solve our economic, environmental and social problems. We don’t need to support the wars or products that gain a few people more property at the detriment and death of innocent people, and that despoil the environment.

Q. What would happen if our money and energy is instead channeled towards the good of all?

A. We would have Heaven on Earth.

It is in our hands, on the collective horizon, it is in our hearts. Only a few more people need to wake up to their own power.

~ anonymous

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