I usually don’t post art competitions on this blog/newsletter, but every now and then I see something worthwhile. I don’t agree with the practice of charging artists entry fees; you’ll notice that this festival is free to artists.


Magmart | Video Under Volcano, International Videoart Festival

From October 2009 to March 2010, will take place the 5th edition of Magmart | video under volcano, international videoart festival.

The Festival activity will end with the screening of all videos participant along three days, scheduled for March, at prestigious house of PAN – Palazzo delle Arti Napoli, in the midtown of city, followed by the screening of 30 selected videos at CAM – Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, in a great night-event, with screening of a selection from other famous videoart festival, scheduled for April 2010.

RULES The Festival is open to all international videoartists. Participation is free. The Festival is dedicated exclusively to videoart, and suggest one theme, that artists are invited to render:


See the rules of the competition here.



A little eye-candy for anyone interested in video art. I have produced a few pieces in this fascinating medium. Here are some examples:

"Exfoliate" a film by Aliyah Marr

In this piece a woman who feels unattractive and unloved idolizes the faces and lives of the models she sees in the media. She believes that the answer to her problem of identity and self-love can be found in the very media that has convinced her of her deficiencies.

"Subtitulo" film re-edit, Aliyah Marr

Subtitulo Bergman
Subtitulo Kurosawa
How does one engage with a film when the plot and dialog has been removed? With only dramatic cues as guide, the viewer has to either create his own story or experience the film in an entirely new way.

I have removed the dialogue and distilled each film down to its essence, taking out the narrative and plot, and then invented new subtitles to translate the emotions of the actors. The idea is to see if the acting skill of the actors and the art of the director can convey the sense of the film. Do you agree with my translation of the emotional conponents of these films? Do emotions translate across cultural differences and language barriers?