They say that people need to see an ad quite a few times before they take action, so I have been posting Tweets for my 2-for-1 book sale on Twitter until the deadline on December 7th. Here is the original offer on the blog:

I realized that it was a chance to write some really creative headlines. I thought it would be fun to share them with you. Who knows, perhaps you will want to help me spread the word of the power of creativity. Please feel free to retweet them or send them off in an email.

I got more creative as I went on, so the following Tweets are in order, with the first (least imaginative) Tweet at the bottom and the most recent (or yet to be tweeted tweet at the top).


Is it possible to have 2 right brains? Maybe not, but you can have 2 Parallel Minds.

Balance your 2 minds – give one away. Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity.

Left brain a bit heavy? Develop your creative side. Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity.

Know someone who is creative? Or wants to be? 2 for 1 sale. Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity.

Of two minds? Naturally — you have Parallel Minds. Give away 1 for the holidays.

A Parallel Mind is a terrible thing to waste, so give one of yours away for free.

Be generous this season: give someone a piece of your Parallel Mind. 2 for 1 book sale:

Creativity is natural. The “Art of Creativity” is a gift. Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity.

Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity. for the right-brain or left-brain challenged.

Two right brains for the price of one. Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity is on sale.

Donate a right brain to those in need for the holidays — help them with a book about creativity.

Give away your right brain for the holidays.

Book give-away by author 2-1 sale: