Here are thirteen more quotes from Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity. Feel free to pass them along and share the gift of creativity. Put a quote at the bottom of your email, tweet them, or link with me from your blog or on Facebook or Linkedin.

“The best tool of the creative individual is his mind, or rather, his attitude.” Aliyah Marr

“A creative person is standing at the center of the universe, with infinite paths going in all directions.” Aliyah Marr

“Creative thinking is more related to intuition than to logic and learning.” Aliyah Marr

“Creative insight and inspiration often requires that one has to forget all that one has learned.” Aliyah Marr

“The creative process is not a search for anything but an unending series of amazing discoveries.” Aliyah Marr

“The role of the artist is to be at the forefront of conscious evolution.” Aliyah Marr

“One of the primary jobs of the creative thinker is to question basic ideas, beliefs, and structures.” Aliyah Marr

“It must not be underestimated how much courage it takes to question the status quo.” Aliyah Marr

‘In every century there will be naysayers opposing creative innovation whose interest is in maintaining the status quo.” Aliyah Marr

“An artist practices artlessness.” Aliyah Marr

“An artist nurses an attitude of simplicity and deliberate naiveté.” Aliyah Marr

“An artist often asks childlike, simple questions of herself and of the world at large.” Aliyah Marr

“Cultivated simplicity is often the mark of a great thinker.” Aliyah Marr

Excerpted from “Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity.”

Copyright 2008-2009 Aliyah Marr