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"Blue Skies" Copyright 2001 Aliyah Marr

"Blue Skies" Copyright 2001 Aliyah Marr

I have an overactive imagination.

I dream of a nation of people who have integrity, a love for each other, and deep respect for Mother Earth.

I dream big dreams, and they are getting bigger all the time. The one that wants to be born is the creation of a new nation, a nation of people who are all on the path of enlightenment. Like John Lennon’s song; can you imagine living in true freedom and love?

I dream that instead of having competition, we have partners. Instead of having monopolies of power and money we will have appreciation and tithing for the value that we perceive; we will have real trade of services and products.

Instead of having an homogenized “corporate culture,” we will have real communities and true respect for diverse cultures and languages as the expression of that culture. In order to do this a few key concepts have to change: hierarchy, superiority, and the zealot’s attitude of converting others to his way. The key is acceptance and tolerance for others.

This new nation of individuated creative people has no borders and lives in the virtual stratosphere. It is communicated like a computer virus; after all it is virus’ that are thought to be the cause of all evolution, why not shouldn’t a virus cause an evolution in consciousness?

So the new nation is carried by thought at the quantum level, and is communicated in the very air we breathe. It is unstoppable because it is the result of a natural evolution; the days of a few benefiting at the expense of many will be gone forever.

Copyright 2004 Aliyah Marr