What makes you happy? Have you ever thought about it? Here are a few of the things that make me happy:

"Cumulous Clouds" from the Near/Far Series © 2004 Aliyah Marr

"Cumulous Clouds" from the Near/Far Series © 2004 Aliyah Marr

The ocean sparkling in the morning.

The way people dress their toddlers.

Christmas lights on houses at night.

Late night conversation and wine in front of a fireplace in the depths of winter.

Skirts, sandals, and dresses in the summer.

The sound and vibration of a cat’s purr.

A dog who is glad to see me, and sits on my foot.

A child’s laughter.

Surfing in warm water on a sunny day.

A good meal with people I love.

Flirting shamelessly.

Contagious laughter.

Sharing what I love with others.

What makes you happy? Share it with me, share it with those you love, and let the good news about the simple art of happiness circle the world in its arms.

Copyright 2009 Aliyah Marr
(Creative Commons – share with others, include ©)