Here are ten more quotes from Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity. Feel free to pass them along and help me spread the word that creativity is for everyone. Put a quote at the bottom of your email, tweet them, or link with me on Facebook or Linkedin.


“An artist doesn’t wait for the perfect tool or circumstances; he can make art from anything and anywhere.” — Aliyah Marr

“The artist sees inspiration where others might see only a limitation or an obstacle.” — Aliyah Marr

“The creative person has a lifelong romance with knowledge.” — Aliyah Marr

“The creative person dares to ask the simple question.” — Aliyah Marr

“An artist passionately loves his subject; every detail & sensation.” — Aliyah Marr

“A creative person loves the pursuit of knowledge, not its possession.” — Aliyah Marr

“Creative thinking cannot live in a critical environment.” — Aliyah Marr

“In order to provide the necessary environment for inspiration, you have to allow for anything.” — Aliyah Marr

“One of the functions of art is to bring the viewer to a different perspective than the one he had before.” — Aliyah Marr

“The creative mood is one of ease, lightness and play.” — Aliyah Marr

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