"Echo" Copyright 2009 Aliyah Marr

"Echo" Copyright 2009 Aliyah Marr

Many people are experiencing a great deal of change at this time, they say that every day thousands of people lose their health insurance, probably because they have lost their jobs. No one knows what is going to happen. There seems to be no security anywhere.

I am reminded of what my sister once said of walking: that you have to be off-balance in order to go forward. That going downstairs is actually a controlled fall.

We get nowhere when we are in perfect balance. Society would not advance. We would not change. In my experience, we have to be forced to change, we have to be forced to move. Most people would much rather stay put than take a risk. Most of us will put up with a lot of boredom and pain in exchange for dull security, but at what cost?

Security — the kind provided by money and established institutions — is an illusion. My mother’s best friend was a millionaire twice over, and yet all her money did her no good when she suffered from long-term diabetes.

The only security we really have is our determination to live a healthy life at all times — healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally. That is a matter of what I call living an “unconditional life,” deciding to live as well as possible in whatever condition you find yourself. That means that you value yourself outside any external valuations or scales. You are valuable because you are, not because of what you are “worth,” your job, your skills, your experience,  or even your reputation.

You can be flexible only if you do not identify with any externals; your security is internal and has nothing to do with any “facts.” Security is an internal feeling that cannot be dislodged by any external conditions or events.

When you no longer have any emotions regarding your external conditions, you are truly free, flexible, and secure. Practice personal evolution: see yourself as a fish in the sea of change; at ease, adapting, swimming and thriving.

Copyright 2009 Aliyah Marr