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The Night Bird © Aliyah Marr 2006 All Rights Reserved

The Night Bird © Aliyah Marr 2006 Assemblage: wooden box, black ostrich feather, feather from the wing of a mourning dove.

I have been posting exerpts from Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity on Twitter with the hope that they will get passed around the world. Help me to spread the word of creative freedom:  feel free to retweet, share and pass single quotes around; just include quotation marks, include proper credit and do not change the quote in any way. If you are blogging, please include the book’s name if possible, Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity and a link back to the source article.


“Artwork is only the by-product of the evolutionary process of the artist.” Aliyah Marr

“Art stops time in order to teach, expose, or reveal things that are normally hidden.” – Aliyah Marr

“We have this amazing, powerful gift of creativity until the first time that someone criticizes us.” – Aliyah Marr

“Creativity is play without purpose.” – Aliyah Marr

“Creative thought is native to the unconventional mind.” – Aliyah Marr

“The job of the artist is to be a keen, detached observer.” – Aliyah Marr

“Creative thought involves the capacity for introspection and time for incubation.” – Aliyah Marr

“Creativity thought is direct and spontaneous.” – Aliyah Marr

“Creativity is fearless immersion.” – Aliyah Marr

“Simplicity is to creativity as the match is to the flame.” – Aliyah Marr


Excerpts from Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity

Copyright 2008-2009 Aliyah Marr