The Natural Order of Things © 2002 Aliyah Marr

The Natural Order of Things © 2002 Aliyah Marr

Wisdom is not static; it is fluid, moving and undefined. It is not possible to possess wisdom, anymore than it is possible to hold the moment.

A wise person knows this, that she is never wise, that she knows nothing — thus everything is ever new, a pure experience without foreknowledge, prejudice or inherited knowledge.

When I feel that I know — that is when I am most blind. When I am in the raw experience and I feel lost — that is when I am almost in the place called wisdom.

Wisdom is a place – a place at the very center of a short sequence. Like a filmstrip that has only two frames: the frame on the left is the place called the past, the frame on the right is the place called the future — both these places are mental / emotional constructs that are only as real as you believe they are. Like a vacation resort that you first visualize, then pay for, and then visit, the past and future become more real when time and emotions are invested.

Wisdom is the little line between the past and future frames, the middle ground — it is the place in the present. You can be in this place only when you are totally here. It is a wordless place, because the second you start talking and thinking, you put yourself in the past or in the future, and you are no longer in the present, in the place of wisdom.

This is why the wise person can only talk from experience, not wisdom — experience is the half-frame, that little line between one frame of time and another. It is the now.

Copyright 2009 Aliyah Marr