Perceptual Games © 1991 Aliyah Marr

Perceptual Games © 1991 Aliyah Marr

When I am not writing and producing tutorial movies, I work with a few clients privately: I work with individuals as a creativity coach, and with entrepreneurs as a business and communications consultant. Below is a transcript from a question posed by a reader on Library Thing:

“How did you get into your field as a Life Path coach and what was your motivation?”

That is a great question! My book is all about how to create and nurture the “mood of the artist.” Remember when you played with your children? Do you remember how it seemed that sometimes they taught you? Essential things like how to see the world, how to find joy in simple things, how to be messy, etc. Well, that is the essence of how to find your muse again. Think like a child.

Coaching evolved from the things that I talk about in my book: expression of emotions, listening to your intuition, finding joy in simple things, etc. Life Path Coaching is a natural expression and summation of various talents and life skills for me. I have been a design professor, a gymnastics coach, a creative director for Fortune 100 companies, an artist, and a writer.

I bring diverse talents and skills into play depending upon each client needs. For instance, I have one client who is writing a book. I help him stay on track (he has A.D.D.) and help him organize his thoughts and help him with his marketing efforts.

Another client is making a career transition and building a new business and website. She needs help with the business aspects of her life: design, communication, marketing, social networking, advertising, etc. which are all skills I possess as a creative business consultant. So my advice is applicable to her new career path.

But, this client is also a highly creative individual who is often overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work that her project entails: she has to learn a lot quickly about marketing on the web. While she has many skills and talents, sometimes she suffers from creative block even when she gets to do something in which she normally excels, like writing. So, as a coach, my job is to listen to her, like a caring physician, and prescribe the right creative medicine. My first prescription was for her to “go out and play.” I gave her instructions on the form and nature of that play. When she returned from her weekend of unrestricted creative fun, her whole voice and demeanor had changed. She had relaxed. She finished the next week empowered, and more efficient in all her tasks.

My motivation in helping people who want to be more creative is that I truly believe that we are all naturally creative, and finding full expression of our creativity is so joyful that I want to share it with the world! It is a great feeling when I feel that I have helped someone find this kind of fulfillment in their lives. I like to help each client find their own way. The joy is theirs, their success is theirs. I am only there to witness it and encourage them.

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