Seven more quotes from Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity. Feel free to retweet, share and pass them around; just include quotation marks, include proper credit and do not change quote in any way.


“Creativity is our birthright as human beings.” — Aliyah Marr

“The life you are experiencing today is the result of the thoughts you were thinking yesterday.” — Aliyah Marr

“We are holding our reality in existence by our focus on the elements of what we perceive to be our reality.” — Aliyah Marr

“Whether aware of it or not, we are thinking our lives into existence from moment to moment.” — Aliyah Marr

“I know of nothing with the same potential for self-discovery & empowerment as the process of creating art.” — Aliyah Marr

“What if we are not Aladdin making wishes, (but) we are the Genie granting those wishes to ourselves?” — Aliyah Marr

“As humans, creativity is our talent and our gift, an inheritance from an abundant universe.” — Aliyah Marr

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