We all have an internal guidance system: our intuition and our emotions. We have the choice at all times whether to listen to the voice of our intuition and pay attention to our emotions, but they will be there whether we do or not.

If you are like me, it is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the combined force of these internal tools. If you choose to make a decision that goes against the gentle advice of your intuition, you have a strange price to pay, in the emotions that result from your actions.

At one time, I couldn’t hear the voice of my intuition. It was a tiny voice that was often drowned out by the combined voices of my mind and my fear.

Slowly, I found ways to access my intuition and subconscious. I had a great resource and tool in the multiple art-forms in which I could engage. My art taught me how to know the landscape of my emotions, and gave me feedback on how I was feeling, and on what I was really thinking.

I learned that my emotions were a guidance system par excellence; if I held a potential path in my mind and felt bad, or felt good, I knew which was the better one to take. One day, my developing intuition delivered an amazing insight: that emotions are what we use to help us create whatever we want. They are the catalyst in the creative process that helps bring something into existence faster. This insight was such a gift for me that a year later, it formed one of the basic premises — Chapter 5, Emotional Wisdom — of my book, Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity.

If you were an explorer in unfamiliar territory, you would use a compass to help you find your way. In the same way, why ignore two of the most powerful tools that you own?

With the guidance of the compass of your intuition, you can navigate through the ocean of your emotions, and arrive at that wondrous destination that you envisioned long ago. You can do whatever you want: a field of pure potential waits for you on the horizon of your imagination, brought to you through the willing collaboration of your mind and heart.

Copyright 2009 Aliyah Marr