Passage Into Night © Aliyah Marr

© Aliyah Marr

Why do we create? I’d like to say that it is in our nature, but I am not sure. Yes, I think that we are naturally creative beings, and our creations are mainly thoughts enlivened by emotions.

When negative emotions are attached to thoughts, our thoughts become heavy. We become heavy. You can see the emotional weight of some people in how they carry themselves. But we have a choice to do otherwise; we can detach our emotions from our thoughts.

Emotions are what makes the ego feel “real.” That is why many people are actually afraid to be alone, or to meditate to the place where their thoughts stop. Since those daily concerns are emotionally-laden, it seems that we might just float away without the anchor of our emotions. All emotions are ballast for an incredible “lightness of being” that is our true self.

When we are no longer weighed down, our thoughts are like the ephemeral spin of cotton candy; light and meaningless without the drama of our emotions. Clarity and vision becomes possible because your world and your view has become suddenly quite a bit larger. Can you bear becoming so light? What would you do if you found that you no longer are bound by the gravity of your thoughts?

Copyright 2009 Aliyah Marr