1: Spontaneous – bored by anything planned.

2: Planned – suspicious of spontaneity.

3: Planned Spontaneity
– don’t ask me how this works.

4: Party Mixer – needs infinite variety and stimulation, hops around a lot.

5: Environmentally Dependent – workspace has to be just so.

6: Music Junkie – goes nowhere without iPod.

7: Java-Powered – what coffee jitters? That’s the way I draw!

8: Night Owl – this train only travels after midnight.

9: Regular Spigot
– can turn it on and off at will.

10: Muse Within – inspired from within.

11: Wild Child – inspired by nature.

12: Shower Muse – ideas come in weird places, when you can’t write them down.

13: Pop-culturette – inspired by graffiti, tabloids, the smear on your shoe.

14: Art-aholic – inspired by all forms of art.

15: Workhorse – labors night and day, forgets to eat, sleep or pee.

16: Prima Donna – is the best, even if no one else agrees.

17: Tortured Soul – would cut off ear for each idea; worries doesn’t have enough ideas/ears.

18: Volcano – spews ideas forth like hot magma.

19: Mystic – ideas come from the very air.

20: Epicurean – tastes a little of everything.

21: Schizophrenic – wakes up a different kind of artist every morning.