I have always admired the work of Rene Magritte. One of my favorite things about his work was how he titled his paintings. They always seemed a bit random, as if he pulled them from a hat.

I was interested in how the impact of my paintings could change by applying different titles. Since I worked as an interactive designer, I thought that I could program a game to randomly choose text to match the image. What traditional game is based upon images and randomness? A deck of cards! Specifically Tarot cards, which have some really arcane imagery.

Since my imagery is a bit surreal, and could be described as arcane, I thought it might be a good idea to apply traditional Tarot card meanings to my paintings and see what happened. So my Transformational Tarot was born. You are invited to check it out:


All the cards and their meanings are here:


People tell me that they get good readings from it, and I have started comparing it to other tools that help foster creativity and intuition. I find it speaks about things that my subconscious wants me to know, but may have been suppressing. It allows me to access my intuition as well, because the purpose of the deck is to help the player get to a more self-aware state. Play the game and see what you think. Is it a tool for personal transformation?

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