Dream Vortex © 2005 Aliyah Marr

Dream Vortex © 2005 Aliyah Marr

Here is  a creative exercise to achieve freedom from limiting or highly-charged beliefs:

1. Isolate your negative belief.

2. Express your negative reality in art: write a poem, paint a painting, compose a musical piece, write a play or short story. Allow it full expression, paint the darkest picture you can.

3. Write the essence of the belief (and history) you want to dump on small pieces of paper.

4. Keep these papers with you. Look at them every day.

5. Embrace your beliefs — and emotions about your beliefs — for a full week. Really embrace them, as if they were a person you loved that you knew was going away soon forever.

This step is the most important one, because, at an unconscious level these beliefs represent a fragment of yourself that has an emotional reality. This self has a message to give you. By bringing it up to the surface first through art, you have allowed it to deliver its message. But if you don’t honor the self that brought you this gift of insight, it won’t allow you to discard it. The ego that holds this fragment self in form thinks that the change you want represents its death and it does not want to die.

6. Just before the end of the 7th day hold a private ceremony in a quiet place. Assemble your pieces of paper, a candle, small bowl and a few matches or lighter. To go forward, you must dump your history, but you are not going to dump it like yesterday’s trash. That would amount to mistreating yourself, because your history is you, and at heart you cannot allow that. Instead you are going to honor it first and then ask its permission if it is OK for you to no longer hold this belief. Once you no longer hold an emotion about it, it will be easy to change, but you cannot if you are emotionally attached to your limiting belief.

7.  State the belief written on each paper, hold it in your mind for the final time, ask if it is OK for you to let this belief go forever, and then once you no longer feel emotion when you read the words on the paper burn it. The burning symbolizes that you are now done with your history of negative beliefs and limitations, and represents a commitment to a new life of freedom.

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