"Gateway" Copyright 1991 Aliyah MarrOne of the great functions of art is how it allows us to fully view and understand the past. An event doesn’t have any meaning but what we have assigned it. Meaning has no impact without the emotional glue that keeps it sticking to us.

When you find yourself stuck in a morass of emotions or a reality that seems to become more and more limited, there is a good therapy — and a solution — available through art. The past can serve us or it can limit us. It should be a conscious choice, but it is often anything but that. The reason? We are attached to our version of reality by our emotions, and our emotions define our identity at an unconscious level.

Getting to a view of total detachment (not numbness, or shock) is key to mental and emotional freedom. Once freed mentally and emotionally, physical freedom is not far behind.

Let’s say that you have a problem with money. You cannot seem to make enough, or hold onto it when you do. This story has a history which makes it more real; in other words, you have thought this thought “I cannot make enough money” for a long time. Every time you had this thought, you had an emotional reaction to your thought. Eventually, that thought has become a solid reality.

Would it surprise you to learn that you are addicted to this thought? More specifically, you are addicted to the “negative” emotion that gives you a little zing every time you have this thought. Emotions are energy, and are addictive. Practice that negative thought and feel it’s effect in your body right now. Like a drug addict, you find yourself doing it many times a day.

I remember reading about an experiment with a monkey where they hooked up the pleasure part of his brain so that he would receive a burst of electrical stimulation (emotional energy) every time he pressed a lever. This monkey pressed the lever so much that he didn’t eat or sleep, and died as a result. It might take us longer, but our limited reality is what eventually makes us die.

A reality that becomes more and more limited everyday unless we make conscious choice to change and evolve our addictions. You can replace a “bad” addiction with a “good” one, which amounts to replacing a “negative” belief with one that has more “positive” benefits, but, if, in the process, you forget that this belief was a choice, then you are still addicted. Addiction is the opposite of freedom. Freedom means choice.

You might say that until now you were taking two steps forward and one step back into the past every time you tried to change. Once you are able to achieve emotional detachment to your thoughts — and to your beliefs — you have true freedom and true choice. You can now go anywhere and do anything because your past history is no longer active in your life. The future is yours.

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