Detail of "Jump" - Creativity Card, Transformational Tarot © Aliyah Marr

Detail of "Jump" - Creativity Card, Transformational Tarot © Aliyah Marr

The function of play in our own internal development cannot be overemphasized. But I am convinced that play does not have to stop when one becomes an adult. In fact, it becomes even more important to our own on-going personal evolution. Those of us who discover this secret, seem to live charmed, interesting lives.

But whether they are successful business men or happy gardeners, they have one thing in common — they have learned how to continue to play as an adult, they have learned to relax and enjoy the journey of their lives, moment to moment. They have learned to do what I call “follow the energy”– the thread of creativity in their lives that leads to happy pursuits. Joseph Campbell calls this “following your bliss”.

life lived with creativity is like one long recreation period. In this aspect of ourselves as creative beings we mirror the sublime and are most like our essential being. As Cat Stevens wrote in the lyrics  his song “Morning is Broken”, the day is “God’s re-creation, light of a new day”.

An eminent anthropologist wrote in Scientific American that what distinguishes us from other mammals is not our hands or language or toolmaking ability, but our unique drive to create art. I find it very apropos that art in its purest form has no “function”. It does not clothe us or feed us; often it doesn’t make money, in fact it consumes it.

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