We all have certain ideas about what success means and how it appears. At one time, I thought that one measure of success was how you deal with stress. Since stress seems unavoidable, happier people seem to have figured out a way to alleviate or even eradicate stress.

So, you could say that I equate success with personal happiness. As for greatness, I know that we can all be great. We all are. Greatness is not a matter of superiority over others, but an internal matter. It is a knowledge that we either have or don’t have. I guarantee that no great genius ever got very far if he thought he was useless and stupid. No, they got there because they knew they were great.

Greatness is not a wish or a desire, it is a deep knowing. A way of succeeding where others might fail. Why do great people do great things? Because it is natural to them. They don’t have a doubt about their abilities. However, their knowledge is not based upon past performance or upon accolades or even upon encouragement from outsiders, although these things can certainly help. When they begin, they have none of those things. None of us do. We all start the journey of evidencing our greatness from the same place.

We don’t have to prove we are great because greatness is natural to our creative selves. Anything that is natural doesn’t have to be proved, it only evidences itself over time. Deep inside all of us is the potential for greatness; you just have to decide to allow yourself to be that which you naturally are. As for success, that is easy once you have that inner knowledge. That knowledge doesn’t come from your brain, but from your heart.

You are great when you listen to your heart.

So I want you to listen to your heart about what makes you great. Never mind that your mind does not believe it, remember it tells you lies all the time about how bad or unsuccessful you are all the time. It has said these things for so long that you have come to believe it.

I am not requiring you to believe me — belief is not important, because belief stays only on the surface of your mind. And because the heart is so much more powerful than the mind, I am talking directly to your heart. Repeat with me:

“Greatness is not my destination, it is my reality.”

Don’t ever be afraid to be good enough to be great.

Copyright 2009 Aliyah Marr