The following phrase just popped into my head as I was driving today, “If you are afraid of hitting bottom, you aren’t there yet.”

They say that sometimes you have to hit the bottom before you can start going up again. Maybe you will never hit bottom, but if you ever do, you will have to know that you are there in order to be able to go in another direction. The only way you will know that you have hit the bottom is if you are no longer afraid of hitting it.

Zeno’s paradox says that you can never get to your destination since you can never be halfway there, since “halfway there” is not a constant. Getting halfway there involves an infinite number of operations. One Flash developer used this paradox in mathematical form to make an element move slower and slower on the screen; the graphic never quite got to its destination since it is programmed to only go halfway every time the program goes through its (infinite) loop.

There is a classic underground cartoon character, named Zippy, who was an escapee from a circus. He was the classic “Fool of God,” easily amused by such things as watching the clothes go round and round in the commercial dryer at the laundry mat. While we find it incomprehensible that this might be amusing, is it any less insane to be impatient for your destination.

So I’ll pose the question to you, because it is one that I think occurs to all of us, at least on the unconscious level:

“Are we there yet?”

Maybe it would be better to ask, like Zippy, “Are we having fun yet?”

Copyright Aliyah Marr