A couple years ago, I was interviewed by Renderosity‘s online magazine by email. Dee Marie, an editor from the magazine, sent me a list of questions. I answered them, attached some pictures, and sent the email back to her.

Recently, I looked at the interview again, and remembered that the last line in the interview became the last line in my book. Strange to think that I might have written the last line of my book first.

Here is the excerpt from the interview that contains the final line from my book:

Dee Marie: Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to allow our readers to get to know you. As a last questions…what advice can you pass along to artists wishing to make a living at their craft?

AM: Well, don’t be shy of doing whatever you can to survive in this crazy world. Then turn around and use it in your art. For example, I had an acquaintance who had a master’s degree in English Literature, who was bemoaning her fate when she had to take a job as a secretary at the World (wide) Wrestling Foundation. I thought: What an amazing opportunity for a writer: the stories you could collect! Everything that happens to you is an opportunity; just be aware of it, and use it to make art. Your experiences are the paint, the skills you gain are your brushes, and your life is your canvas. The art you create is you.

It’s still true for me today. The daily challenge is to see everything as being right and whole, right now. Live in the moment, notice everything, because the moment is your creation and everything is a tool for your art.

Copyright 2009 Aliyah Marr