Book reviewers seem to abound online. I was searching for * serious * reviewers for Parallel Mind, and found these two diamonds shining in the rough. See what you think.

The first is a blog called Biblioklept. “Klept” for kleptomaniac, no doubt.

“And so well with the help of Jenny Sterlin’s narration and my handy-dandy portable mp3-playing device, I finally made it through Zadie Smith’s 2000 novel White Teeth, and, having digested all of it, am now fit to declare it hilarious in places, larded with moments of intensely brilliant prose, wildly ambitious…”

This reviewer has a razor wit sharp enough to cut a blade or a new author’s teeth on (yes, I know that this is bad English, but I couldn’t resist).

I really like his About You page of survey questions that quickly gets rather too personal. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Have you ever stolen a book? If you’ve never stolen a book, go ahead and skip down to question 3.

3. Do you intend to lie or misrepresent yourself on this survey?

4. Did you find question 3 to be a little belligerent in its tone?

9. Do the remnants of your shambolic youth taste like batteries in your mouth?

10. Are you neurotypical or do you somewhat suffer?

17. Isn’t this a lucky number?

15. Is it ever okay to eat large amounts of cold sour cream directly from the plastic container, perhaps with a large metal spoon, and if it is ever okay to do such a thing, when is that time?

13. When you were a child were you plagued by recurring nightmares that miniature werewolves in torn blue jeans were slowly nibbling all the flesh from your toes as if they were Maine lobsters (your toes, here likened to said lobsters, not the werewolves), nightmares that were attended by actual somatic tingling of the extremities, and possible bedwetting?


On a more serious note is the blog Great New Books at Blogspot. Peter N. Jones has an interesting background himself: he is a social scientist and publisher out of Boulder, Colorado who specializes in Native American culture. Check out his most recent review on a novel called Atmospheric Disturbances by Rivka Galchen.

That’s my short review reviewing the reviewers. How did I do? Make sure you fill out above survey.