Amazon just posted the “Look Inside” feature to my book on their site. It shows quite a bit of the first pages of the book, the front cover and the back cover. My favorite part is the “surprise me” feature which gives you a random selection of pages from the book.

Check it out: Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity.

I tried the “surprise me” feature a couple of times and ran the pages of the selection backwards and forwards. I even did it twice, and Amazon didn’t slap my hand. For those really cheap people out there, you could potentially read the entire book this way, but you’d have to have a non-linear memory and an ability to comprehend a book in random chunks.

(I think it would be fun to write an interactive book using a random generator like this, one that would limit the user’s view to random chunks of pages.  Maybe a romance novelette next?)

I also have an author’s page on Amazon for those who can’t get enough of me already. This blog gets cross-posted there too.