Yes, I confess: I do lead a double life. I am an artist and a designer. I write about design and publish tutorials on creativity for designers with

My most recent tutorial for was called , “Designers with Double Lives,” (see the intro here) so the idea of doubling or reflecting has been on my mind lately. I posted a follow-up article on my double life my other blog, FreshAsylum. Then I spent some time wondering if it belonged on Parallel Mind instead. So, I’ll let you decide. Here is an excerpt from the post and a link.

I am both a designer and an artist. That is to say, I was educated as a fine artist, and later went into design. Design started out as a coping technique and then grew into an amazing medium for my art…

…You can see how I play with interactive media, story, and user choice in my artwork at: My video piece “Subtitulo” remakes two films, by taking out the story and dialog. Is it still a film? What makes a film a film? Is it the story, or is it the linear basis of the medium?

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The funny thing is that my double life is reflecting back onto itself; while I define FreshAsylum as my blog about design, and Parallel Mind as my blog about art and creativity, there is definitely some blurring. The reason I thought the FreshAsylum posting needed to be here was because it refers to art, but now it inspires me to post on a couple key topics for Parallel Mind. See the next couple posts…