I have always loved some phrases, in fact, I often use them as titles to my paintings. I have yet to use “Leap of Faith” as a title, but I think it is a concept I have seen as an image more times than I can count.

How often have you felt that you were jumping off that proverbial cliff? Do you feel you are doing that now? Perhaps you are starting a business or you suddenly find yourself without a job. This is the time of transition when you see the end of one thing very clearly — a solid past to which we often desperately cling — and the beginning of the future that seems shrouded in mystery. The cliff at your back is a solid rock while the castle of your dreams hovers in the air before your eyes. Between the two is a frightening chasm.

These times of uncertainty are the most poignant moments in my life. The last time it happened I had just come to California. In the midst of my feelings of insecurity and adventure, I had an image that I kept on seeing with my mind’s eye. An image of eagle wings, flying. Just wings outlined against a brilliantly blue and cloudless sky.

Then I had another image that became a feeling in my body.

I saw / felt myself standing at the edge of a bottomless cliff, with my back to the empty air and with my heels on the edge. I saw / felt myself topple over the edge, and with my arms outspread fall towards the ground far, far below.

There was that heart-stopping moment when my heart felt as if it had left my chest, and then I realized that my cliff had no bottom. I was resting on a cushion of air, on a pillow of faith.

My dream was not the illusion. The fear that went before my fall was the illusion. Fear creates the cliff and the idea that if we jump off the cliff of reason we will die, but instead what happens is that when we jump off the cliff of fear we end up in our dream, and that dream is bottomless.

Copyright 2009 Aliyah Marr



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